Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Great Paint Debacle of 2016

Raise your paw if you are a 20 pound Boston Terrier who has decided that your someday soon two legger sibling's room is your new play room.

Keep that paw up if when your Momma turned her back for two seconds you decided to walk in the paint and instead of letting her pick you up you thought she wanted to play chase. Across the carpet, down the hall, up the side of the living room rug and up onto the couch.

Thank goodness for a blanket on the couch and a fast acting husband who scrubbed the paint out of the carpet while I chased said Boston out the back door. 😐 Never fear Little Crab, Momma and Daddy got the last laugh. All the paint came up, someone got a much needed bath and now we have another fun memory to add to our story.