Thursday, April 26, 2012

Moments Like These: Baby Brady - Part 1

I still remember the night we all started to "suspect"  Bobby and Jen might have some big news! We were all at Lisa Stanko's wedding! I don't remember exactly what it was about that night that made the thought even pop into my head, but it did. And apparently I wasn't alone in that thinking, but of course we never asked, just waited to see.

Fast forward a few months, it was the day after my 30th Birthday Party and we were supposed to attend Tiffany and Justin's annual Halloween Party with all of our friends. Kipper and I had spent all day Saturday at Cook Children's with Lala and her family. My heart was broken because while we still held on for a miracle, the facts of the situation had started to set in - Lauren was dying.

When we left the hospital to head home I was beside myself in grief. I remember Kipper asking me what I wanted for dinner and all I could say was that we had to go to the party. I didn't care that we would be the only ones not in a costume or that we looked down right exhausted. If we went home all I would do I cry and worry, we needed time with friends...after all that is totally what Lala would have done! (especially since Halloween was HER holiday!

Everyone there knew what was going on, some tried to avoid the topic, others wanted to know how they could help. Yet all of that aside, being with our friends is EXACTLY what we needed. The best part? Not only did they help keep our mind off the situation a little, we found out some FABULOUS news! Two, yes you read that right, TWO of our friends were expecting! Both Shannon and Jen were pregnant, only weeks apart!

The days following were a total blur. Lauren passed away on November 1st and I begin helping her family plan her Celebration of Life. (I have started a blog about saying goodbye, but almost 6 months later I still haven't been able to finish it...but I couldn't tell this story without parts of hers. One day soon I promise I will hit "publish" on that blog)  For her service I painted a canvas so that all of the guests could sign it and that the family would be able to have something more than just a book that gets tucked away on a shelf. Because Bobby is not only an awesome framer, but owns Suitable for Framing, I asked him if he would be willing to donate a frame for the canvas so we could give it to the family ready to go on the wall.

When I went to go pick up the finished canvas Bobby told me he had been thinking a lot about it and he really wanted me to create something for their little boys nursery as my baby gift. I was completely honored, yet a little sacred. I normally create VERY girly things...they were having a BOY! And to top it off the "theme" for the nursery was very unique - Texas Country meets traveling with a splash of Elvis on the side! :)  

I begin to rack my brains on the perfect piece I could create for them, making sure I included things that had a special significance to them. I drew inspiration for not only the room theme, but Jen and Bobby's relationship. From places they traveled/lived, things they had done together, and even the lyrics to the song they danced to at their wedding.

During all of this I was in the middle of Spring Show and just didn't have the time to dedicate to the project just yet. I promised Jen and Bobby that, while I wouldn't have the canvas finished before the baby shower, I would have it done in time for it to be framed and on the wall before Baby Brady made his world debut!

So with the canvas half finished we celebrated Baby Brady at one of the best baby showers I have ever been to. There were no crazy baby shower games or gabbing groups of girls overloading Jen with parenting advice. That night they were surrounded by  their family and dear friends and there was nothing but love and celebration all around them.

That night was exactly what I needed for my final bit of inspiration! To be continued.....

Friday, April 13, 2012

Speaking Boston

I have decided when you adopt a Boston it should include a laminated version of this! This would have saved us at least a year in the learning department! :) 

Then again, even when they are giving you the "whale eye" (we call it cow eye though)  how could you not LOVE these too boys?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Totally Made Sense To Me

We have an annual event in Hood County called the Country Spirit Jamboree. I have to say, it is one of my favorite events of the year, but for any of you who have been a part of "Story Time" at a various happy hours, it is very different than any event we have here in Fort Worth.

This year as part of the live auction the committee was extremely excited about a miniature donkey (or as they refereed to it, the miniature Jesus donkey..another story, so another time my friends)  And I have to admit he is super cute....

Any who one afternoon I was talking to Mel about the fact that we might have to pull the donkey out of the auction for several reason.

  1. The donkey was 4 years old and had never really been handled by people 
  2. They can't be sure the donkey wouldn't bite and/or kick someone
  3. And my favorite, apparently there is a near epidemic of people trying to "donate" miniature donkeys in Hood County because there are too many 
Then the conversation took a turn. 

      Me: The whole "There are too many miniature donkeys" is strange to me. Why are people breading them? What is their purpose. 

     Mel:  Not really sure. 

     Me: I mean really, what can it do? Pull a miniature wagon around your property?   

     Mel:   I guess, I am really not sure.  

     Me: I guess they would be really great for midget farmers because they could hook up little wagons and stuff. 

     Mel:   (just stares at me)  

     Me: Is there even such thing as a midget farmer? I mean I am sure there is. Just cause someone is small doesn't mean they can't be a good farmer. 

     Mel:   There are no words, no words. 

Well of course this conversation caused to do a little investagoogling! Apparently "Midget Farmers" is the name of a band...and not a very good one at that. But I couldn't find anything about real working farmers who are also midgets or at least not any pictures. 

Oh well, the idea totally made sense to me at the time. (and you know you agree with me!) So once again I ask, "What they heck do they need so many miniature donkeys for?"