Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kipper + OCD + Road Trip = Not A Strict But A Reasonable Plan

Last weekend Kipper and I were blessed to be able to spend an extended weekend in South Padre. We were leaving on Thursday afternoon to drive down and arrive late that evening. On Wednesday morning I received the following e-mail from my sweet husband.  

from:        Kipper Martin
to:          Allie Martin
date:        Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 8:08 AM
subject:     Driving Itinerary 


Here is what I think we will do tomorrow.

Leave Fort Worth no later than 2:00
<135 miles>
Stop 1: Salado around 4:00 (leave at 4:15)
<80 miles>
Stop 2: Lockhart for BBQ around 5:45 (leave at 6:30) [Traffic Concern near Austin]
<134 miles>
Stop 3: Mathis around 8:40 (leave at 8:50)
<145 miles>
Stop 4: Harlingen around 10:55 (leave at 11:05)
<42 miles>
Stop 5: Island Services for key around 11:55 (leave at 11:55)
<2 miles>
Condo: Midnight!!!

This takes into account 10 minute rest stops and 45 minutes for BBQ at Kreuz Market in Lockhart (which is the best in Texas and I have always wanted to go) This is not a strict schedule just a reasonable plan. 

Obviously the quicker we get down there, the sooner we can relax but we can stop wherever on the way down. Also, the sooner we can leave home, the more time we have

My favorite line of this e-mail was about how this was NOT a strict schedule. But in all honestly, while we made several changes to the schedule as we went, it did work pretty well. I just like to tease Kipper about his OCD sometimes! But it is just one of things that I love about him...even if it drives me crazy sometimes.

And yes, we had a fabulous trip!

We got to mark off one of the places in 1000 Places To See Before You Die US Edition when we ate at Kreuz Market in Lockhart.

We had an AMAZING view from our condo!

We had so much fun walking along the beach and climbing sand dunes on the undeveloped,  far end of the island.

We enjoyed spectacular sunsets.

We loved spending time at the beach and in the water. 

We got to experience some of the most talented sand castle artists in the world at the Sand Castle Days festival.

We woke up early to experience amazing sunrises. 

We went shopping at the local farmers market for veggies to use in our dinner we cooked at the condo on night. 

We got to experience the wonderful work being done by Sea Turtles Inc. 

 We ate WAY too much!

We might have indulged in a few too many cocktails....maybe.

Like I said we have a FABULOUS time away together!