Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 3 - Unicorn of the Week and Recap

Oh Week 3 you were NOT my friend. Not only did I have a terrible week, others in the league had a freaking amazeballs week with multiple players racking up close to 30+ each. Lots of glittered unicorn tears were shed as one week has taken team Sports, Go Sports from first place to fourth!!!

The Unicorn of the Week was once again not my highest scoring player but had the largest percent increase from projection. It was really close between but Brandon Marshall squeaked into the honor this week. He also had something else to celebrate - passing 10,000 career receiving yards. Something only 44 other NFL players can say about their careers. 

Unfortunately the excitement of that milestone was upstaged by a failed lateral (some kind of play that is risky) that he called "probably the worst play in NFL history!"  The fact that someone who said they made the worst play in NFL history is the Unicorn of the Week should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about my bad Fantasy Football week! 

Here is to a better week as team Sports, Go Sports takes on third place Team L Train.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 2 - Unicorn of the Week and Recap

Week 2 of Fantasy Football has come to a close. I know you have been waiting in the edge of your seats to see who will be the coveted Sports, Go Sports "Unicorn of the Week" for Week 2!  (If you have no idea what I am talking about and think the Allie you know and love has been abducted by aliens...start here.) 

Just like Week 1, this week's Unicorn of the Week was picked off of points only. He wasn't my highest scoring player but he did come in 12 points over projection. That was the largest percent increase from projection (86% increase to be exact!) of any player this week thus landing DeAngelo Williams top honors as Unicorn of the Week!! Williams has been really good for me the last two weeks so I am bummed that Le'Veon Bell is coming back from his two game suspension so his playing time will be limited. :( 

Overall I had a really great week, scoring 113 points and winning my match up by 75 points! It was my first experience with some benched players doing better than my actual team. Everything I read said to keep Colin Kaepernick on the bench so I stayed with Drew Brees. Well Brees only scored 12 points  where Kaepernick brought in 26.  I also gave my friend Lamar Miller another shot since he pulled through for me in Week 1. Of course he got hurt and didn't return to the game, only bringing in 3 points. All the while benched David Johnson racked up 16 points! ahh! 

And because I am a sweet and wonderful wife, I will publicly admit that this one time Kipper was right. I should have played the Texans D/ST. The Rams were projected nearly 5 points higher than the Texans so I went with the Rams. This resulted in a 2 point loss for me... sigh. 

This coming week I am going to do a little more research on my players so that my only strategy isn't who is projected the highest. I want to keep my winning steak going as I face off with AJ this week! But for now, while I am sure this will be short lived,  I'm going to celebrate the fact that I currently have the highest points in our league!! 

Yay Athleticism!! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

That One Time I Joined A Fantasy Football League

Most of my friends are big football people. I am not. They call it football season. I call it tailgate season. They say halftime. I ask how much longer till intermission.

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Football Sundays. They are normally my favorite part of the week. Generally it means yummy food and my best friends spending the day together where most everyone happens to be paying attention to football.  My version of Football Sunday looks more like this:

With the gangs love of football there is a natural love of Fantasy Football. Most play in multiple leagues and it can be a little competitive. This year I got a wild hair and decided to join the girls league - Wine Women! The buy in was a bottle of wine and the winner takes all. I know nothing about football or Fantasy Football (I wanted to draft a cheerleader for Kipper's team last year...) but I love wine so why not!

Unfortunately I had something come up and was late to the draft party so Kipper had to draft for me. This could have been good or bad. He knows a lot more about football, but isn't a fan of the NFL. I am pretty sure he tried his hardest to draft only players who were good role models and had never been to jail! Ha. Anyway it was official team Sports, Go Sports was born. (if you don't get them name you must check this song out) And our mascot is a unicorn and I imagine our team wears awesome rhinestone and glittered uniforms.

After that I sort of forgot I had signed up until a few days before Kipper asked if I had checked my team roster to make sure no one was out hurt. What?!?! I sort of thought you drafted and that was it. I didn't realize you had players on bench or that you could trade players. Suddenly my competitiveness set in and I need to know everything there was to know so I could win!!

Lessons of the Week:

1. Projection Numbers  At first I thought if a player had a projection of 1 that meant they were the top pick. Then I realized lots of people had 1's. This isn't golf and the lowest score doesn't win. Glad I figured that out before this week got started or I would have had the lowest score in the history of Fantasy Football. 

2. Player Selection   This might be the most important part of playing Fantasy Football. I started out following in Kipper's footsteps by googling players to see what type of person they appeared to be off the field.  After about 2 players I realized that was a lot of work so I would just go off of projections and if I thought they looked friendly or fun in their profile photo. Overall this did workout pretty well for me except in the case of a Running Back. Originally I had David Johnson from the Arizona Cardinals who was projected at 4 points. I switched him out at the last minute for Alfred Blue of the Texans because he was projected at 9 points and he was extra smiley in his photo. I also thought it he did well I could yell "You're my boy Blue!" which makes me giggle. Well in the long run Mr. Smiley Pants only brought in 4 points and guy on the bench brought in 11. 

3. Follow Your Gut  Kipper told me to keep the Texans as my D/ST (still don't really know what that is) but the Panthers were projected just a little higher. Since it was a team thing I couldn't really use the smiley photo thing as a tie breaker. At the very last minute I made the switch and it paid off big - 20 more points than if I would have kept the Texans! This could be beginners luck, but I'll take it.

Honestly can't believe I had so much fun playing this week and I didn't even have to watch football! I'm sure the fact that I had a good week and racked up 112 points out of a projected 100 didn't hurt. 

I had so much fun I decided I would turn this experience into a fun blog series. It would force me to get back into regular blogging and  I figure something funny has to come out of this - starting with the Week 1 Unicorn of the Week!!!  

For Week 1 the Unicorn of the Week was picked off of points only. He wasn't my highest scoring player but he did come in 11 points over projection. That was the largest percent increase from projection of any player this week thus landing Jason Witten the honor of being the first ever Sports, Go Sports Unicorn of the Week!! 

Here is hoping the beginners luck carries on to week 2! :)