Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yellow Shoe Diaries: I Never Want To Forget What Today Felt Like

I never want to forget what today felt like. 

The last minute panic over what I was wearing. 

The mix of nerves and excitement as I made my way up to the start line with up AJ, Jen and Garrison.

The moment it hit me for the first time ever I was actually able to pace with AJ and we were running together. And taking silly selfies. 

The brief moments of doubt and the overwhelming peace that quickly followed. 

The moment I realized I was running a race far greater than I could imagined. 

The joy that seeing Kipper and Watts along the route brought me. 

And that last mile. Oh that last mile. My body ached and my emotions were high. I never want to forget that last turn to the finish. The salty tears streaming down my face and my favorite Chris Tomlin song turned up just enough so I could hear it over the crowd. 

Then crossing the same finish line where this crazy dream started. It was surreal. It was so special. It was a defining moment for me as a runner.

Being able to text Lil' Polley my results and her ecstatic response.  

Meeting Jen on the back half of the course and being able to run her across the 20 mile mark and the final bit into the park. 

Watching and cheering Jen cross the finish line of her first Full Marathon! 

And the huge smile that was apparently plastered on my face during every single phase of the day. 

No mater where my journey leads next these are moments I never want to lose sight of. Moments that were all made possible through God's love and amazing grace.  

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yellow Shoe Diaries: One Week To Go

Today was my last long run Sunday before the big day! The next week will be all about hydration, nutrition, relaxation and mental preparation. (With a big emphasis on the mental part!) This season of training has been unlike any before. I am experiencing a weird mixture of confidence and fear. I know what I am capable of. I just have to keep believing in that and stop worrying about the perfect racing conditions. 

Last year was the exact opposite of of perfect conditions and it was an incredible day.  I have learned that while the weather does affect me some, having my heart and mind in the right place is so much more important. In moments of doubt and fear God had carried me. Mental preparation for me is really spiritual preparation. I don't run for my own glory - I run for His glory. 

I just need to accept that I don't know what the outcome of my personal race will be, but I do know it will be an epic day for our little running tribe. Jen is taking on her first full marathon and I can't wait to finish my race so we can cheer her through the back half of the course.  And our newest (and youngest) recruit, Garrison, is taking in his first half. 14 years old and running a half marathon! 

Now for the next week to fly by and Mother Nature to remember to take her crazy pills just in case.