Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Road to 26.2

Less than 12 hours stand between me and the start line of my first marathon.  Just typing that sentence is still crazy to me!! I am running a marathon! It was only a year ago that I was preparing to run my first half. Something that I didn't actually think I would do more than once. 5 half marathons later, here we are.  I am running a full marathon. 26.2 miles.

I still remember the day this all started. We were at the Lake Bubble and Kipper and I were getting ready to leave. I was standing on the dock, saying my good-byes when AJ told me, "You're running the full at Cowtown with me." I remember responding with something like "yea right" or "I am going to have to think about that." But somehow in the next 5 minutes she got me to say yes and never let me forget it.

I tried to back out more than once. I didn't believe in myself. I am overweight and slow. I couldn't wrap my head around taking on that distance. It flat out terrified me. On New Year's Eve in Jenny's living room I tried one last time to back out. AJ told me she would understand, but the look on her face told me a different story. I couldn't leave her hanging. Somehow, someway we would do this together. 

As I sit here tonight, I am a mixed bag of nerves and excitement. I know I am slow. I know I don't "look" like a runner. But I have put in the work and have the heart of runner.  With the incredible support of the hubs, AJ and countless others I haven't given up. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions for a few weeks, but I am ready.

Tomorrow will be one the hardest, yet most rewarding things I have ever done. It will be an experience that will change me forever. I choose 4 verses to focus on tomorrow: Isaiah 40:31, Philippians 3:13, Psalm 37:5 and Philippians 4:13. All 4 are written in my shoes and will be what I meditate on when I think don't have anything else to give.

I can never say thank you enough to those who have supported me thus far. I am blown away by how many are coming out to cheer us on along the route. Friends who I know are not fond of early mornings are getting up super early to support us in this crazy adventure. My heart is full and I am grateful. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Grateful Heart

See this guy?

Well he is freaking awesome! And quite possibly could be the best husband in the history of husbands. I have always felt blessed by our relationship, but the last several months have made me even more grateful for everything he does for our little family.

Exhibit A: 

Yesterday morning as I got in my car I sighed because I realized I was going to have to get out and scrap my windshield. Then I looked up to realize Kipper had already scraped the ice off my window for 5:30 a.m. in the freezing cold, darkness of the morning. It is little things like this that make my heart flutter. Little things that he could easily not do and I would never think twice about them. 

He is the most supportive, loving and encouraging husband I could have ever asked for. Not just with his words, but his actions. He makes my heart overflow with gratitude and my cheeks hurt from smiling. I could give a million examples, but will stick to three. (I mean I don't want him to get a big head or anything. lol) 

Running: This year he is sitting out of running Cowtown in order to be my Sherpa for my first full marathon. I know it is killing him that he isn't running with all of us. Even when I have told him he could run, he said no. During my long training runs, all it takes is a text saying what I need and where to meet me and he is there (sometimes with Bostons in tow!)When I am done he is there to help me roll out my muscles and make sure I have a recovery smoothie or eat something. And when I start doubting myself, he is the first one to step up and tell me that I can do it. 

Home: We all know I am far from a domestic goddess, but the last few weeks I have been extra terrible. He has stepped up and picked up the slack in order to allow me to focus on my goals. I am talking he cooks, cleans, does laundry and dishes. He is my domestic super hero! 

Infertility: I am not going to lie, this is an area where emotions have gotten the best of us more than a few times. With every meltdown, comes great conversation that reassures me that in the end all will work out. Every time a door has closed, God has provided and has opened another one. And when my emotions overwhelm me, he is there to make sure I remember that.

His love for me makes me strive to be a better friend, co-worker, fur baby mommy, wife...the list goes on and on. Our relationship is unconventional and when we started dating I am sure people were perplexed, even if just by our age difference.  It never phased me. I knew from early on he was the one I was supposed to be with. And after nearly 10 years of marriage I fall in love with him more each and every day.