Wednesday, January 9, 2013

^%*&! Just Got Real!

This time last year in a crazy moment of insanity, I committed to doing Warrior Dash just to prove to Kipper I could do it. (in case you missed that episode here you go!)  I still remember the first day we started training. I couldn't even run an entire mile without walking some and I thought I was going to seriously DIE!

Fast forward a few months I did something I NEVER imagined I could. Along side my hubby and some of my best friends, I, Allie Martin, crossed the finish line of Warrior Dash. It was maybe one of the hardest things I had mentally done in my adult life, but it was amazing and I couldn't wait to do it again.

Over the course of the next year we....

Ran a handful of 5K's

Kipper did his first Tri

And we did our first "official" 10K

Then somewhere along the way I had this brilliant idea we should do a freaking Half Marathon. Yep I thought it would be super fun to run 13.1 miles. (I am pretty sure I was on crack at that moment) But in all honesty I really just wanted to go back to Disney World so I thought we could run the Disney Princess Half. I mean who wouldn't want to do a race where you got to dress up in princess costumes, run through Cinderella's castle and when you finish you get a medal shaped like a crown and they glitter you with a wand?!?!?! See how I got sucked into this crazy was the glitter!! 

This year is the 5th anniversary of the Princess Half, so it sold out much faster than in years prior. In November we realized we wouldn't be doing the Princess Half so I kind of just stopped caring about the whole half marathon idea. Until Kipper started talking about the Cowtown and how he was going to do it. I would randomly say things like "yea, me too" but I never really gave it a lot of thought. It was the holidays and I was focused on enjoying them and trying to relax. 

Then Monday it all became really real - Kipper signed us both up for the Cowtown Half Marathon! I have roughly 7 weeks to get my crap together, 45 days to be exact! But no matter if I have to crawl across that finish line - I will do it.  Please love me during the next 7 weeks.  If I am cranky, socially lame, obsessive or MIA...I promise it is only for a short time. Time to prove to myself I CAN and WILL do this. I might not be able to walk afterwards but failure is not an option. 

Much Love, 
Allie (who is realizing THIS might be the craziest thing she have ever done...)

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