Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm A Warrior...In Glitter!

For the last few weeks Kipper has been talking about doing the Warrior Dash with a bunch of people from work. I had heard about it before because a few other people I know have done it, but honestly I didn't pay much attention. Early this week we started talking about it again and something clicked. As I looked at the website I came to 2 conclusions 1) This actually might be fun and 2) I can totally do this! Monday, January 16, 2012 the Team Glitter Warrior was born!

I have a feeling many of you are saying what the heck are you talking about? Well to sum it up this is the official description for the Warrior Dash.

"A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k run from hell. Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with music, beer and Warrior helmets."

The responses from friends have been interesting, both when I tell them I am doing it and when asking them to join me.

Conversation 1: 
Little Alex:  You that it involves mud, right?

Me:  Yea but they give you a Viking helmet, AND there is also a costume contest,  turkey legs and beer. Not that I like beer but still it is an option!

Little Alex: I will do it with you!

Me: Score one for Team Glitter Warriors!!

Conversation 2: 
Me:  Getting a group together to do the Warrior Dash in April. Want to do it? You know you want to join the Glitter Warriors!?!?

J Crab:  Have you lost your mind?!?!?!? Me? Mud? I've seen the pictures of guys doing it. NO WAY!

Me: They give you a beer at the end! :)

J Crab: I can afford to buy my own beer.

 Me: Fine, you can be an honorary Glitter Warrior and a sign holder with Tricia if you would like.

Now Kipper is still a little skeptical and he said that I have to prove to him I am serious about this before he will pay the $60 for me to register. (Apparently planning out cute outfits for everyone to wear the day of does NOT prove ones dedication, just in case you were wondering)  

But I am determined to show him and everyone else I am TOTALLY serious! I am going to not only DO the Warrior Dash, I am going to COMPLETE the Warrior Dash, all while wearing an obnoxious amount of pink and glitter...which I am sure will involve a tutu as well!

 As I was in the middle of Day 1 of Glitter Warrior Training I found that when I started to feel like I couldn't run any further, planning the Glitter Warrior "uniform" helped me forget that I my legs were about to fall off.

All joking aside, today will be Day 2 of Glitter Warrior Training and I am pumped! On Day 1 Kipper and I went 2.5 miles, alternating walking and running, but I ran HALF of it! I was pretty proud of myself seeing that I haven't really worked out in year!?!?! Not only did I FEEL amazing, I had a blast working out with the hubby. (By the way, can we talk about how skinny he is getting?!?!?!)

And it will feel even better when I cross the finish line and I'm able to say, " I, Allie Martin, leader of the Glitter Warriors, can do anything...even when wearing a tutu!" Now who wants to join me?????


  1. Good for you! That's awesome. I have always wanted to do a mud run. Let me know if it's as brutal as it sounds.

  2. Thanks! I will for sure be keeping everyone in the loop about the process of getting there and what it is really like! :)

  3. I'm planning on doing this also, I found your blog via google image search for cool outfits for warrior dash! It looks awesome!

  4. That is awesome! Make sure to check back because I will be posting lots of pictures of what we come up with!