Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Kate Spade, I Love You

Not sure when it happened, but somewhere around my junior or senior year of high school, I feel in love with a simple black, NYLON purse.(enter Kate Spade Classic Sam)

I can still remember the pure joy of opening it on Christmas morning. And I also remember my anger and heartbreak when it was stolen my last semester of high school. :( But then my sweet Meme replaced it as part of my graduation and all was once again right in the world.

Me loving a purse was not a big shocker since Meme bought me my first "designer" handbag in the 5th grade - man I loved that green Dooney and Burke! But thinking back to when I fell in love with that black bag, I still don't really know WHY I loved that bag so much (circle of truth: I still have it tucked away in my closet even though I haven't carried it since 2000/2001. The only one of my "designer" bags from middle or high school that I still have) But there is just something about Kate Spade that resonated with me then and still does today. And how can you not love a brand that is classic and retro, uses vibrant colors, witty sayings AND adorable graphics like this one?

For Christmas this year my sweet hubby bought me the most adorable Kate Spade cross body purse and a new PINK wallet! (He did good...really, REALLY good!)

My new Kate goodies started me off on this trip down memory lane. Over the years there have been several accessories and bags that have be added to my collection, most of which have never left.  I just realized that the makeup bag I carry in my purse, is the same olive green Kate Spade makeup bag I got in college. I still remember the trip to Florida when Kipper bought my travel makeup and toiletry bag. And then I realized the one piece that has really stood the test of time - my multicolored striped satchel!

It was my freshman year of college and I was looking for a cute book bag when Momma and I found this bright colored Kate Spade diaper bag at Nordstrom. Since that day it has been though a lot: attended college, 2 trips to Disney World, made its rounds in New England, visited more beaches than I can count, taken at least 3 cruises, explored the streets of New York, a trip to Chicago, survived multiple Miss Texas weeks, ventured to Vegas twice, over a dozen trips to Canton, a million work events and Kipper's first Tri! And those are just the things I can think off the top of my head!

Seriously, it is one awesome and well made bag!!! 

Now if I can just talked Kipper into getting me my dream bike..... and about 100 other things on the Kate Spade website!  :)

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