Sunday, January 27, 2013

Allie Facts: Training For A Half Marathon Edition

In 27 days I will be embarking on possibly one of the hardest things, both physically and mentally, I have ever done: my first half marathon. The Cowtown Half Marathon to be exact. During the training process I have realized a lot of things about myself and the training process in general so welcome to a new installment of Allie Facts!

-  Running is just as much of a mental game as it is physical. I can't tell you how often my mind tries to make me quit.

-  I often beat my mental mind games with thinking about the cupcakes and/or wine I am earning.

-  Thank goodness I don't actually  consume those things as much as I actually think about them while running.

-  The longer distances I run, the harder it is to get into sync. It used to take a 1/2 mile, now it can take up to 2 miles.

-  I am terrified of having to go to the bathroom during long runs when there is no where to go... terrified.

-  I have may or may not have had to go to the bathroom in places I would prefer not to admit.

-  You are supposed to feel better as you get in better shape, yet for some reason my body just hurts a heck of a lot more now that I am running several times a week.

-  I am pretty sure Body Glide is one of the most amazing inventions ever.

-  You can only think about what you are going to wear for the big day for so long during runs.

-  I am so thankful that I will have my hubby and great friends by my side on the big day.

-  Because I am a slower runner, long runs only happen on the weekend. And since Saturday is filled with Spring Show, Sunday Funday has been replaced with Long Run Sunday.

-  I miss Sunday Funday mimosas with friends....a lot.

-  I have come to the conclusion that my friends who run full marathon are just plain crazy and might need some sort of therapy.

-  And the only explanation for my friends that do Half Iron Man and Iron Man? They are either robots or aliens because it just isn't human.

-  Actually they have to be aliens because I am not sure waterproof robots are believable.

-  Not going to lie, knowing that dear friends will be at the finish line with mimosas waiting makes this task much less scary! (don't judge...we deserve them!!) 

-  As much as a joke about being crazy for deciding to do this, I am proud of myself for making the decision to do it. When the big day comes it is me against the road. There is no judge who scores you or a teacher to grade your performance. Sure there is the time clock, but not matter what time is on it when I cross the finish line it will be my Half Marathon PR. I will be a Half Marathon finisher. That is something no one will be able to ever take away.

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