Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bicycle Battle - Part 1

When Kipper took his new job at Cook Children's last year, he quickly became very interested in cycling since many of his co-workers rode. So after saving up he got his first rode bike and has started riding a few times a week.

We have been talking about getting me a bike so that we can ride together, which was great since I had wanted a bike for a long time.  But Kipper's idea of a bike is not even close to Allie's idea of a bike. 

This is what I had been dreaming of.....

Kipper...not so much. He had found a bike on Craigslist that he thought would be a great deal for me, so he wanted to chat about it last night before he went to look at it today. 

The conversation went something like this. 

     Kipper: Honey, I found the perfect bike for you and I want you to tell me what you think before I drive to Garland to look at it. 

     Me: Is it pink?

     Kipper:  no.

     Me: Does it have fenders? 

     Kipper:  um, no. 

     Me: But it has a basket, right? 

     Kipper:  nope. Just look at it. It is teal. 

     Me: Fine. I could live with teal...after I add fenders and a basket.

     Kipper: (mumbles something to himself...) 

     Me: (looking at the bike) Yea....this is nice and all, but I was thinking    something more like this! (pulling up pictures of this FAB Kate Spade Bike I had found earlier that day) 

     Kipper:  Honey..look, that is very cute but not at all practical! If you want to ride with Me, Travis and Becky you need a bike that is functional. 

     Me: That bike is TOTALLY functional! Look at all the stuff you can carry and it even has a chain guard to protect the hem of your skirt from getting caught up in it! 

     Kipper: Really? Honey I love you, but we ride for conditioning. We ride for distance. We ride to train ourselves to become better athletes. If you are going to ride with us, you have to have a real bike. It won't be a Mary freaking Poppins ride through the park.

     Me: Mary Poppins never rode a bike. 

     Kipper:  What? 

     Me: Mary. Poppins. never. rode. a. bike. (opens google)

     Kipper: Yes she did! When she floated up in the sky.  

     Me:  Um, no...she used an umbrella. you are thinking of ET. Mary Poppins did ride a Carousal Horse though. 

     Kipper:  Whatever. It doesn't really matter, you know what I mean. 

     Me: Then why did you say it? 

     Kipper: (mumbles something to himself...)  

     Me:  Now, Julie Andrews did ride a bike in the Sound of Music when she played Maria. 
     Kipper:  See! I told you, Mary Poppins rode a bike! 

     Me: How do you figure that?  

     Kipper: Julie Andrews rode a bike when she played Maria in the Sound of Music. And then Julie Andrews played Mary Poppins. SO Mary freaking Poppins rode a bike! 

     Me: Yea and your Lance Armstrong cause you wear yellow and black when you ride. :)

To be continued...

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