Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hunt Is On: The Summer Of Cupcakes

2 years ago when fro-yo was really taking off in Fort Worth, I went on the quest to find the best place to get it. I came up with a ranking system and everything. (I know, it is a little odd and MAYBE a little overboard. But don't wished you would have thought of it first!) 

This weekend I was running errands with with Kipper and we spotted a new cupcake place we wanted to try. After talking we decided that we should go on the hunt for the best cupcake (ranking system and all) and then I could blog about each of our tasting adventures!  But we agreed we would have to stretch this adventure out, otherwise all the work we have been doing to improve our eating would be down the drain. (Not to mention our waistlines would NOT be happy with us either!) 

The Summer of Cupcakes was officially born!!

Here is how it will work:
  • Over the course of the next 3 months we will taste test cupcakes at 15 different bakeries in the metroplex.   
  • At each stop we will taste 2 flavors: 
    • Red Velvet (Kipper and I's all time favorite, that will be used as our baseline flavor)
    • Then we will decided on another flavor based on that days flavor selection 
  • During each tasting adventure both Kipper and I will use a scale of 1-5 to rank the following factors: 
    • Atmosphere: location, decor, etc
    • Sales Experience: how helpful/friendly was the staff etc
    • Presentation: both pre-sale and after
    • Price
    • Flavor Variety 
    • Icing
    • Cake
    • Overall Experience
  • Then I will sum our experience up in a blog to pass on the results of our yummy research to YOU! :) 
Before we could get started we had to have our map of all the places we would hit and the requirements were simple - They had to be in the metroplex and they had to have cupcakes available to walk-in customers.

We received tons of suggestions on places that needed to be on our list, but we had to narrow it down! (at first it was upwards of 28-30 places!!)  After going over and over all our suggestion here are the 15 bakeries we have selected for the first ever The Summer of Cupcakes! 

Be on the look out this week for the first blog in The Summer of Cupcakes series!! We can't wait!!!! 

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  1. Fun!! Can't wait to hear all about it. Red Jett is yummy but very sweet especially for Kipper's favorite but still can't stop eating those darn things! But I'm super excited to hear about the cupcake cottage And Leah's sweet treats (my favs!!)