Friday, May 18, 2012

Solving Our Problems One Brilliant Idea At A Time!

Let me start this off my saying Kipper and I both loved our college experiences, but student loans SUCK! Long story short, both of us went to private colleges, I work for a small nonprofit, Kipper works for a nonprofit hospital and our combined amount of student loans are killing us financially.

A few nights ago we had a panicked/heated discussion about our options and what we were going to do. After a while I was just done talking about it but my loving, OCD husband wanted to "talk it out" a little more. At that moment I came up with a BRILLIANT idea!

     Me: I've got it! I know what we can do and it will solve all our issues! 

     Kipper:  okay.....

     Me: One of us needs to fake our death.

     Kipper:  (stares at me...face turning a little red

     Me: Think about it. They forgive your student loans when you die and when you die your spouse gets your insurance money. So one of us fakes our death, the loans are forgiven and we use the insurance money to pay off the others loans. 

     Kipper:  (long pause...) REALLY??? That is your freaking brilliant plan. REALLY?? I mean, REALLY???????? 

     Me: Yea! Pretty good, huh?

     Kipper:  Oh yea, breaking the law by committing insurance fraud is a great idea.

     Me: Yea well that is a slight issue. 

     Kipper:  (long pause...) What the hell is wrong with you? 

     Me: Just thinking outside the box. 

     Kipper:  (just glares at me) 

     Me: But really, it would make most since for you to be the one who faked their death because you owe way more than me in student loans. So your loans could be forgiven, then we could pay mine off and use the extra money to move off the grid.  
     Kipper: (just glares at me) 

     Me: Now if we could make it look like a work related death, we would get even more money! 

If you can't tell my idea didn't go over very well. And don't worry, we won't be faking anyone's death to commit insurance fraud. 

But I still think it was a pretty brilliant idea to come up with on the fly! Well minus the illegal part....

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