Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moments Like These: Baby Brady - Part 2

Picking up were I left off in Part 1 of this project. Mr. Brady's debut was only a few weeks away and the piece I had been working on for his nursery was finally done!  I couldn't wait to see Jen and Bobby's faces when I gave it to them, but at the same time I was nervous.

As I said before this one didn't just come to me, I had to really wrap my head around it. But the hours I spent figuring it all out were so worth it when I saw everything come together!  It is something that I hope once Brady is too old for his nursery things to still hang on his wall, that Jen and Bobby can hang this in their home. Not only a something to remember the birth of their first child, but also so many things that lead to that point in their relationship. 

I planned on giving it to them a our friends Sean's birthday dinner, but I got tied up and wasn't able to make it.  I have to tell you the location of the presentation was a little out of the ordinary to say the least - in front of Showdown. (Actually when you think about all of us, it isn't really that shocking! lol!

When I handed it to them, Jen kept saying how much she loved it, but Bobby didn't say much. He just stood there for a moment and by the look on his face I knew - I got this one right!  I loved watching the two of them comb over the canvas.

Of course seeing it hanging in his nursery the night we got to meet little Brady for the first time was also very special. (The painting right above it what Bobby painted for Jen's birthday the first year the dated!) 

Then again, I am not sure anything could top the look on Bobby's face and the big hug that followed the night I gave it to them! 

Again congrats to Jen and Bobby and welcome to the world Baby Brady and!!! We can't wait to watch you grow up! 

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