Sunday, March 11, 2012

Just Living Up To The Name Of My Blog

Let me set the stage. I am in the bathroom brushing my hair after a shower and I something on the floor catches my eye. Kipper walks in as I bend over to examine what it is.

     Kipper: Honey, what are you doing?

     Me: There is something in the grout of the tile. 

     Kipper:  Ok...what is it?

     Me: A rhinestone. (tries to pick it up) Ugh!

     Kipper:  What?

     Me: I can't pick it up. It is liked it is glued down....oh never mind I got it.  

     Kipper:  Ok...

     Me: That was weird...I have no idea how that ended up there. Strange, Huh?

     Kipper:  (shaking head) Yea....Nothing in this house involving rhinestones and glitter surprises me anymore. 

Hmmm...ok then. I wonder if he would be okay with one of these additions to our house? heehee! :) 

Oooh or maybe a rhinestone wall???  (this wall is from Swarovski Cystal Worlds in Austria!)

Hey I am just.....


  1. Hi, I just found your blog for the 1st time and LOVE it... where can I find and buy this sparkle tiles and buffet too... Please advice

  2. Hello. I saw those amazing rhinestone tiles on Pinterest and had to find out everything I could. Rhinestone, glitter, and teeny tiny twinkle lights make me so very happy. I would apply sparkle to any and everything that would hold still long
    I am so obsessed with the glittery staircase also. I love finding others that love sparkle even more than