Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It Totally Made Sense To Me

We have an annual event in Hood County called the Country Spirit Jamboree. I have to say, it is one of my favorite events of the year, but for any of you who have been a part of "Story Time" at a various happy hours, it is very different than any event we have here in Fort Worth.

This year as part of the live auction the committee was extremely excited about a miniature donkey (or as they refereed to it, the miniature Jesus donkey..another story, so another time my friends)  And I have to admit he is super cute....

Any who one afternoon I was talking to Mel about the fact that we might have to pull the donkey out of the auction for several reason.

  1. The donkey was 4 years old and had never really been handled by people 
  2. They can't be sure the donkey wouldn't bite and/or kick someone
  3. And my favorite, apparently there is a near epidemic of people trying to "donate" miniature donkeys in Hood County because there are too many 
Then the conversation took a turn. 

      Me: The whole "There are too many miniature donkeys" is strange to me. Why are people breading them? What is their purpose. 

     Mel:  Not really sure. 

     Me: I mean really, what can it do? Pull a miniature wagon around your property?   

     Mel:   I guess, I am really not sure.  

     Me: I guess they would be really great for midget farmers because they could hook up little wagons and stuff. 

     Mel:   (just stares at me)  

     Me: Is there even such thing as a midget farmer? I mean I am sure there is. Just cause someone is small doesn't mean they can't be a good farmer. 

     Mel:   There are no words, no words. 

Well of course this conversation caused to do a little investagoogling! Apparently "Midget Farmers" is the name of a band...and not a very good one at that. But I couldn't find anything about real working farmers who are also midgets or at least not any pictures. 

Oh well, the idea totally made sense to me at the time. (and you know you agree with me!) So once again I ask, "What they heck do they need so many miniature donkeys for?"  

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