Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Allie Facts: Run From Hell Edition

During my run today I started thinking about all the random things that I think about or tend to discover about myself while doing various things. All of a sudden "Allie Facts" was born...

And while I am sure this will only be amusing to me (and maybe to Kipper)....welcome to the first edition of Allie Facts. :)

- I am 30 years old and I still coordinate by hair bow with my shirt when I go run/workout

- When your best friend texts you a picture of a cupcake right before you go run, all you think about during said run is how much you want a cupcake.

- I  think that I would run faster and further if someone dangled a cupcake in front of me the entire time. 

- Those last two thoughts make me realize that you can make a Polish girl run, the Polish girl can lose weight and get skinny, but deep down inside she will always Polish girl who loves her bread and sweets! 

- When I am running outside and trying to push myself to go a little further, I randomly yell out things like, "Keep going!! No really, don't stop!" for motivation. (even though I have my ipod on full blast and I can't actually hear myself very well)

- Running up a hill, into the wind, 25 minutes into a hard workout do NOT mix well for me.

- I really do feel bad for throwing up in that sweet families yard after getting up said hill.

- The building we run by that I always call the "Moose Lodge" is actually a Knights of Columbus Lodge...on Columbus Trail. (I find that very ironic) 

- Apparently when I sing along to my ipod, I sing much louder than I realize because people sometimes give me very odd looks. 

- I almost asked one guy working in his yard why he was looking at me so oddly? I mean was I off key? (hey it is hard to run and sing at the same time!) 

- I HATE running.....but I won't quit because I am going to kick butt, while wearing a tutu at Warrior Dash in just a month! GO GLITTER WARRIORS!!

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