Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Miss Aubrey

Blast from the Past Post!

Through JWC I have met most of my dearest friends. While we share both the joys and sorrows in our lives, it is always a blessing to get to be apart of celebrating the joyous times in their lives. 

When our sweet friend, Kristen, became engaged to Bridget's brother, Brandon, in the Fall of 2008 it was certainly cause for celebration!!  One that carried straight through from the engagement party, to showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, right to the wedding. 

Just a year later there was news for celebration again - Kristen and Brandon were expecting!!! (which is code for Allie gets to be crafty!!) 

I got lucky, because Kristen sent me a picture of the nursery so I was really able to base my gift off of it!

I knew I wanted to do a picture frame, but I also decided to do a trinket box to match. (the words/designs in the picture frame are just for is an actual picture frame!)

This was my first diaper was a little more challenging than I expected. While I loved how it turned out, I haven't made one since then! lol.

 Kipper and I loving on Miss Aubrey at JWC's 2011 Holiday Open House. 

We haven't seen Miss Aubrey in a while since her momma isn't in JWC anymore and we all have crazy schedules. But she will be turning 2 in June and is adorable as ever!

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