Monday, January 2, 2012

Project 2012!

Before I get started...........

I know 2011 was an incredibly tough year for not only me, but more family and friends than I can even start to list. But that is the past and I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be a great year. I am just thankful for all the blessings in my life that I have and those that God has yet to give me. I pray that 2012 will be a banner year for everyone. 2011 had enough sickness, death, drama and flat out craziness to last us at least 10 years if not more.

As we kick off 2012 I have decided I really want to make a better effort this year to focus on the simple pleasures of every day life as well as some projects that I have been wanting to do for a long time but keep putting off for one reason or another. If I learned anything from this past year, it is that life is too darn short and when you keep yourself so busy, you miss out on the things that are really important!  And to hold myself more accountable I decided I would post them in a blog so it is public knowledge! lol.


Allie 365 - I am really good at documenting the "big" moments and events in my life, but I want to more thought into documenting every day life, as well as get into more of a regular blogging routine. After some thinking, I have decided to put my own spin on Project 365 and Project Life and have come up with Allie 365! Each day I will have a photo of the day, then once a week I will do a SHORT photo blog recapping the week (guessing Sundays, but we shall see.)  At the end of the year I want to do a digital book of the year. I am trying to get Kipper to do Kipper 365 too because 1. I love his photos/photoblogs and 2. I think it would be really neat to be able to include both of our stuff in the book.

Project Blogs - When I started this blog, the goal was to blog about crafts and DYI projects only. Yet as I look back at all my posts from 2011 I realize that I have used it this as a creative outlet for much more than just sharing projects. I have no plans to change that in 2012 either. I just want to do better about sharing the projects I am working on, not just the ones I consider bigger projects. On larger DYI projects I don't want always wait until then end to share either, so I hope to do more mini "progress" blogs.

Around the House:

Let's Get Organized!  - There are several places throughout the house that I have wanted to do an organizational overhaul on, but when it comes down to my free time these things didn't make the top of the list. Having found some really great ideas and new blogs on Pinterest these tasks don't seem as daunting to me anymore. Some will only take a few hours (if that) max, others might be a full day or weekend project, but if I tackle one each month it will be so easy to get them all done!  Here are the areas (in order of importance) that I want to tackle this year:
      1. Pantry
      2. Important Documents 
      3. Garage
      4. Laundry Room 
      5. Wet Bar
      6. Computer Area
      7. Bookcase and Cabinets in the Living Room
      8. Master Bathroom
      9. Kitchen  
      10. Coat Closet

Makeover Madness! - While there a TONS of things I would love to do around the house, time isn't the only reason they haven't been done! Kipper and I both have lots of talents that we are very good at, home improvement doesn't float to the top of those lists. Also, finances haven't allowed for a lot of the things we would like to do either (especially since we would have to hire someone for some of it!) After talking to Kipper some more about this, I think there are some things we can make happen this year and actually do ourselves and then there are some that are that wish list if we happen to have extra funds! . Here are the makeover projects  (in order of importance) I want to take on this year:
    • Guest Bathroom: 
      • Paint walls and get rid of the wallpaper border
      • Rip up the carpet and put down tile (we are are a little iffy if this is something we can do ourselves, but think we can)
      • Change the hardware on the cabinets 
      • New decor accessories

    • Backyard

      • Build raised beds for our peppers in the existing flower beds
      • Take down the raised bed Kipper build on the work table last year
      • Revamp the work table to be more functional when working outside
      • Cut down the dying tree in the back corner
      • Plant a new tree or two
      • Wrap the big tree by the patio in lights
      • New patio furniture - WISH LIST 
      • Small storage shed - WISH LIST

    • Back Bedroom

      • New flooring - WISH LIST

    • Living Room:

      • Painted quote or saying above the TV

    • Front of the House:
      • Redo the front flower bed
      • New front door - WISH LIST
      • New garage doors - WISH LIST
      • New light fixtures - WISH LIST

    • Master Bedroom:
      • Create a fun shabby chic headboard 
      • New flooring - WISH LIST
      • New fan/light fixture - WISH LIST
      • Replace the old TV with a flat screen - WISH LIST
      • Find a great antique/shabby chic cherster drawer - WISH LIST

    • Master Bathroom:
      • New fan/light fixture - WISH LIST

    • Kids/Craft Room:
      • New flooring - WISH LIST
      • New fan/light fixture - WISH LIST

Life in General:

All About ME!  - Whenever I get busy (which is ALL the time) the first thing I stop thinking about is myself. I get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone and everything else I forget to take care of ME! Well this year that is all going to change! Kipper and I are ready to expand our little family. The more we talk about it the brighter the light bulb in my head shines - YOU HAVE TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF!!! Does this mean I am going to go on some crazy diet or become a workout natzi? Nope! But I am going to make a conscious effort make the following things a part of my daily life:

    1. Eat a healthier diet
    2. Find healthier alternatives to some of my meds
    3. Incorporate more physical fitness into my daily routine 
    4. Learn to say no! Before committing to something, really think through how it will affect me emotionally and physically
    5. Be more aware of my stress level and using relaxation methods to help control

All About US!  - My over busy life doesn't just affect me (even though I forget that sometimes!) I am so blessed to be married to my best friend and soul mate. After almost 8 years of marriage I still get butterflies in my stomach when he kisses me or holds my hand. I watch so many people I know who have been married a while who have fallen into a rut and just go through the motions. I understand, with everything this last year, there were times I felt we could fall into that. This year I want to focus more on just enjoying each other and all the things we love. I am sure we will come up with lots of great things, but these are a few things I really want to promise myself we will do:

  • Chefs in Training: After cooking dinner with Kipper the other night we both went on and on about how much fun we had. This year I really would love to make a point to cook a meal together at least once a week, if not more. Plus it gives us a chance to try out the million recipes I have been pinning into "If I knew how to use my kitchen..."

  • Take Us Away: We used to travel quite a bit, but the last two years because of time and other commitments that hasn't been the case. We love to have little adventures, exploring new places. Even if for some reason if we can make a big vacation work this year, we CAN make sure we take little getaways. We have been so many places together, but this year we realized there are a TON of places right here in Texas that we would have a blast visiting - we just have never taken the time. 

  • Let's Get Physical: Working out is way more fun when you have a friend to do it with! Kipper is getting a new bike and is going to start riding with his work buddies. Hopefully in the next few months we can afford to get me a bike as well so that we can ride together as well. This year I want us to help encourage wellness in each others life by trying out new activities together.

  • It's a Date: Every since we got married we have always been big on "date night/day" and this is something I for sure don't want to change. Yet sometimes I think we forget that dates don't have to be a big, over the top experiences or we get into the dinner and drinks rut. This year I would love to get more creative our dates. I have found some really great blog resources that I want put to use this year! 

Well that all took a lot longer pull out of my head than I thought it would! ha! But I am so glad I took the time to really write these goals out. I can't tell you how many times I have said "I want to do..." and something changes and I forget about it. If I would have had it down in writing, I would have had the reminder of "Hey! This was important to you! Don't forget about it!"

I think we sometimes forget that can't get to where we are going with a road map. Sure there will be detours along the way, but when you have a clear map of where you are going it is so much easier to find your way back from those crazy detours!


  1. I'm so excited to see how all this turns out for you!

    And just so you know, when we lived in Connecticut, my parents ripped out our carpeting and put down wood tile themselves. Once they got the hang of it, it didn't take them long at all.

    Good luck!

  2. Yay yay yay! You have a plan, and that's the first step to anything! (Did I just sound like a fortune cookie? lol) Anywho, good luck on all your 2012 endeavors. I hope you guys get many many blessings! :)

  3. Alex, you can do light fixtures!!! Matthew and I are not handy bu any means, but we have replaced 2 outside and 3 inside light fixtures and are doing a ceiling fan this weekend. It's pretty darn easy! Like take down old one, connect wiring and install new one! It really spruces up the house and makes rooms look new! I encourage Chris and you to do this one yourselves!

  4. That makes me feel better! That was one of the things we talked about trying out ourselves. Maybe when we redo the guest bathroom we can start there and see how it goes! lol.