Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Should Get A Speeding Ticket!

This past weekend we celebrated Labor Day, which in turn is the signal for the end of summer. Like clock work the cooler weather has rolled in (which was a welcomed gift after the summer we have had!) Yet I am not "quite" ready to let go of summer aka Lake Bubble Season...Thankfully I have some totally awesome friends who know how to thrown great parties so the entire gang could say goodbye to summer in style.

We all countdown till G's famous Lake Bubble kick off party the first weekend of June each year. It is that one party of year we know that we are going to need the rest of the weekend to recover!  After that most summer weekends we all retreat to G's Lake Bubble to float, relax, share laughs and enjoy the ever so famous AJ burgers! We have shared many moments at the Bubble, beyond just summer fun: announcements of pregnancies and engagements, bacholorette parties, grieving and overcoming divorce, and many other major moments in the gangs lives. I know Kipper an I have met some of our dearest friends on the Bubble dock. The Lake Bubble is our paradise within the crazy world we live. 

So how do you top all of that in 1 day?? I will tell you how: Labor Day Sunday Funday G Game's!!  Imagine grown adults competing on teams of 4 against each other in games that are probably more suited for college co-eds than young professionals: inflatable slip and slide, life jacket diaper derby, water balloon pass, beer bat spin relay, and even a pinata full of mini liquor bottles!

Of course I am far from athletic so I decided our team needed glittered super hero capes! (Hey you knew I would find some way to make this a crafty affair!) I will note that if you make something like this that will be worn in water or get wet, make sure you use glitter paint, not glitter glue! The glitter I used was glitter glue and when the letters got wet, the glitter became gooey again. But it did dry again relatively quickly....

While our team the Bubble Bruisers did come in last or at least close to last (out of 9 teams) we sure did  look awesome!! Even though we didn't place and we were all sore for a few days afterwards, everyone had an amazing time. Then again, when you are blessed with the amazing (and crazy) friends that Kipper and I are blessed with, how could you NOT have an amazing time!!! 

I will warn you, next year, we will not only look adorable, but we are going to kick some butt! (I guess I should start training now! lol!) 

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  1. great post! Loved all the photos I felt the joy in each of them.I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. I hope you'll stop by Katherines Corner. My latest giveaway was posted today. Hugs!