Saturday, September 10, 2011

Call Me Farmer Allie

Okay well, maybe I haven't done any actual FARMING, but Kipper and I did take a fun trip to the Dallas Farmers Market this morning. We love to decide to go on spontaneous little adventures when we don't have a jam packed weekend schedule.  So when we both woke up around 7:30am on a Saturday morning (that NEVER happens unless we have to be somewhere) we decided it was the perfect day to head over to Dallas since Kipper had never been to the Farmers Market there.

Normally it is Kipper who has his camera in hand and taking photos for his photo blog Keep Calm and Snap On but today I was the one snapping away. The colors of the all the fruits and veggies were so pretty. And it is funny after helping Kipper grow his peppers this year, I have a lot more respect for farmers. Growing stuff is hard work!

 Since Kipper had lapband and I am trying to lose weight we have been TRYING to eat at home more, so we figured this would be the perfect place to get some goodies! Yet once we got there we might have gone a little over board for just the two of us, but never fear nothing went to waste - we split stuff my parents. But none the less, we had a lot fun picking out all the fruits and veggies!

But our little adventure didn't stop there! Before we headed home we took a few minutes to walk around the plan section of the farmers market and snap a few more pictures.

 We thought the highlight of the morning would be finding these flamingos. (if you are confused to why this would be a highlight feel free to check out the chicken collection Kipper got for his 39th Birthday)  

 But we were SOOOO wrong. The flamingos were only the beginning...we found Beyonce! I am sure many of you are thinking we are off our meds again, but that tells me you haven't discovered the amazement that is The Bloggress

It is okay, I was a little late to the Bloggress party too. But from the first post I read I felt like I was reading either my long lost sister's blog or a glimpse into the future of what is to come if Kipper and I ever have a baby!

Anywho, I am addicted and the story of Beyonce the metal chicken has caused lots of laughs between not only my girlfriends and I, but also Kipper and I! I totally threaten to bring a Beyonce home when he says I can't do one of my over the top crazy ideas. Which he has started firing back that if I bring a metal chicken home we are getting real chickens to raise in the backyard...which is NOT, I repeat NOT happening! (I have you met my 2 Boston Terrorists? The poor chickens wouldn't stand a chance!) 

So for now we are just having fun playing "Spot the Beyonce" when we go places! Plus we do have a small family of metal chickens from Kipper's Birthday! :)

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