Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Big Moment For The Martin Family

Tomorrow is a big day, that has been long awaited in the Martin household. Kipper and I have an appointment with the high risk OB/GYN to start the necessary steps to grow our little family.

Yet before we can really focus on getting pregnant we have to make some changes to get me in order, with the biggest being, getting me off my Adderall. I can't begin to explain how much the thought of  "detoxing" off a drug I have depended on for the last 9 years terrifies me.

I literally have made myself sick over the anxiety of knowing this was coming. But no matter how hard this might be at first I know the possibilities of the end result are going to be worth more than words can describe.

I went back and forth about even writing this blog tonight, but in the end decided I wanted to share it with everyone. (I am sure our close friends and family are sick of hearing about it) 1) I figure the more people who know what we are about to embark on, the more that can pray for us and 2) It is giving everyone a heads up that there is a good chance I might be a unstable or extra crazy over the next several months as we figure this out.

Every night I thank God for blessing me with an amazing husband, loving family and incredibly supportive friends who have helped me cope with the emotions that have surrounded all aspects of this journey so far. I know tomorrow marks the start to a long road, but for Kipper and I it is a big moment.

Until them I keep reminding myself of my motto:


  1. Good luck! I cannot wait for Chris and you to add to your family! Your child is going to be so loved!