Monday, February 20, 2012

I Swear We Are Both Medicated :)

If you know us, you know Kipper and I are both crazy in our own ways. If you don't actually know us, but just read my blog, you know Kipper and I are both crazy in our own ways.

Several of our friends tell us all the time if we had a reality TV show they would totally watch it (which of course they would because they are our FRIENDS!) but really I have never thought we were that entertaining.

Yet after hearing this over and over for sometime, I actually started to pay attention to some of the crap that came out of our mouths.  I mean the Usual Suspects always text each other quotes of the day/night and yes several have been compliments of Kipper or I, but that is just the tip of the ice burg compared to some of the random conversations that take place between the two of us. Holy Moly! 

Here are just a few examples of what I mean....

     Me: Is it odd I sort of like Apple Martin's name?

     Kipper: Yes

     Me: So you don't want to name our future child that.  

     Kipper:  Um..NO!

     Me: How about Blueberry Martin?

     Kipper: Again, NO!

...L o n g   P a u s e....

     Kipper: You know if we did name a child Blueberry, I could totally say "You're my boy Blue" That would be so cool!

A few "quotes of the day" compliments of the Martin family. (In true quote of the day fashion, I am not going to tell you who said what...guessing that is half the fun! lol!) 
  • "I need to take a Vicodin. I blog well on Vicodin."
  • "Babies, puppies, bounce house and naked Barbies Oh My!"
  • "We are currently being baked by solar flares...good thing we have a magnetosphere."
  • "Some days I feel like walking in a room, throwing glitter and yelling "Here I Am Bitches!"
  • "When I was little, I used to practice being a priest. I would make communion wafers out of bread with a shot glass. I even had an alter"
  • "That cheese tastes like what I imagine the stock show would taste like"
  • "What did he do, suckle a baby calf?"
  •  "Remind me to tell you about the sugar fields in Uruguay."
  •  "We have fallen down a redneck rabbit hole!"
  • (Watching Doomsday Preppers) " Honey, these are my people!!!" 
  • "I totally have a  new fundraiser idea for the Catholic church...charge a fee to try on the pope hat, extra to have your photo made in it. Don't laugh, cause you all know you would want to do it."

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  1. LOVE!!!! This made my day! Good luck this weekend!!!