Sunday, February 10, 2013

$20 Valentine's Day Challenge

Only 4 days away from Kipper's FAVORITE holiday - Valentine's Day!!  Ha! In all honestly he strongly dislikes Valentine's Day and I get it.  It stresses him out and it doesn't make it any better that I LOVE Valentine's Day!! (I can't help it..I love love!)

But to his credit he always surprises me with something special. When he told me last year we weren't going to even do cards I really thought he was serious! You can imagine my surprise when I came home from work to find a wine and cheese tasting set up in our our dining room.

As always, he has been stressing over Valentine's Day so I came up with a fun idea! We have a lot going on so money is tight, and to be honest neither of us need anything!

The $20 Valentine's Day Challenge was born! 

Here are the rules:

  • Each person will create a handmade gift and card
  • We can only spend $20 total so that means only $10 each for supplies
  • Supplies in the craft room or garage are fair game
Sounds simple enough, right??? I am not going to lie, I am stressing a little now!  Kipper has his figured out and I am still working on it. But I can't wait until Thursday when we get to share our creations!!

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