Saturday, February 23, 2013

13.1 Because I'm Only Half Crazy!

After 8 hard weeks of training and if I am going to be really honest, stressing out (a lot) the day is finally hear. In 12 hours I will be standing at the start line  of my very first half marathon.  When I say it out loud it still shocks me. Me. Allie Martin. Running a half marathon. Who would have EVER predicted that?!?!?!?

I wish I could put into words the emotions that have played out over the last week.  From tears of complete fear to tears of an overwhelming pride in myself.  I know tomorrow will be a flood of emotions and keeping those emotions in line for 13.1 miles will be my biggest mental challenge.

In order to help myself stay focused and not let my emotions get the best of me, I have made myself a few promises:
  1. Remember my original goal - finish upright
  2. Take it 1 mile at a time
  3. Not stress about my time. No matter what my time is, it will be my PR
  4. Trust my training
If I can do those things it will be a great day. And quite possibly one of my biggest accomplishments ever.  Seriously, I have done some really awesome things in my life that I am very proud of. But 95% of those things I took on because the basics of whatever it was came somewhat natural to me. That is not the case with running. There is nothing natural about me being athletic! It has forced me to push myself in ways I didn't know I could. And tomorrow morning, when I cross that finish line, I will have proved to myself just how strong I really am. 

Before I attempt to sleep tonight, I want to give a HUGE shout out and thank you to my family and friends who have support me in this journey. All of your texts, emails, facebook messages, calls and hugs have meant the world to me. And our "Pre-Race Pasta Party" on Friday night was just what I needed!!!

And then there are those who have gone the extra mile. 
  • Kipper for inspiring me to take this journey.
  • Angela for always being there to answer whatever crazy questions Kipper and I come up with, as well as always knowing what to say to put my mind at ease when answering said crazy questions.
  • Mel for putting up with my emotional roller coaster at work (I am pretty sure until this week she still thought I was joking about doing this!)
  • Watts waking up to drive all of us tomorrow morning at 5:45am so we don't have mess with the nightmare that is Cowtown parking.
  • Momma and Ms. G (and maybe Aunt Vickie) meeting all of us around mile 7 with bananas and PB sandwiches.
  • Watts, J Crab and T coming to the finish line to cheer us into the home stretch and celebrate the peak of this journey (with mimosas to boot!!) 
  • And of course I can't forget the rest of the "Fab 5" AJ, Merb, Kipper and Jenn. Taking this journey with you all is something I will never forget! 
Go figure I am freaking cry as I write this. (Hey, I told you it was a crazy flood of emotions this week!!) But they are good tears. Tears of pride. Tears of thankfulness. Tears of joy. I am blessed beyond measure and those blessing will help carry me tomorrow. 

Again, thank you for your love, prayers and support. Now let's do this thing!!!!! This girl is ready for some wine and cupcakes!!! :) 

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