Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toga! Toga! Toga!

 One of our all time favorite mixers in college was the annual Toga Party with SOS. I remember all of us trying to come up with creative ways to make our togas far more than just a bed sheet. Everything from sequins, to matching jewelry, hair accessories right down to customizing flip flops! Each year we always were more excited about our outfit over the year before. Yet looking back it is sort of funny because my creations were no where near as fabulous as I remember!

Fast forward several years. Who would have ever thought that I would ever need the toga making skills I learned in college again? Well, good thing I sort of retained some of them since this year's JWC informal party was none other than a toga party!  (which I should have known since the theme is "Going for the Gold")

I had been swamped getting ready for Joy of Life and a few other things, so I didn't put NEAR as much time into my outfit as I did in college. Basically I bought some fabric on clearance because I liked the color and then the night of went "Oh Crap! What Am I Wearing??" To make matters worse....I never bought any fabric for Kipper's toga so he was left to fend for himself.

I was actually sort of pleased with how my last minute look turned out. I would also like to remind everyone before you see the photos: Kipper came up with this look ALL on his own...out of things he found in his closet!  He was super proud of his crazy, creative look and to feed his ego even more, every guy there kept telling how awesome it was. (at least Daddy would be proud! lol!) 

Even though we are a "little" bit older and no longer have them time to spend hours planning for the perfect toga, one thing hasn't changed from our days in AXiD and SOS. No matter where we go or what we are wearing, as long as Kipper and I are together we always have a great time! (As sweet as that sounds..cause it is...don't think for a minute that I didn't tease him about the hunting socks with his dress sandals! haha!)

AXiD and SOS Toga Mixer 2002

JWC Toga Informal Party 2011

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