Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shop Til You Drop

Yesterday morning Kipper, Momma and I loaded up and headed off to Canton for a jam packed day of shopping and fun! Plus we were going to meet up with Tammy, the girls and her parents so I was really excited to spend time with them as well!

Sometimes when we go to Canton I have a list of exactly what I am looking for, other times not so much. This month was sort of a blend...I knew I was not, repeat NOT leaving without a Beyonce for my backyard....but other than that I was just browsing for good deals to create my crafty magic with! :) I always love to see what kind of treasurers and deals we come home with!

I had a feeling it was going to be a good day when I found the first gem of the day within 10 minutes of being there! Kipper and I have been trying to figure out our costumes for Lauren's big 21st birthday Monster Mash. Tricia and I wanted to go Toddlers and Tiaras, but at the same time I wanted Kipper and I's costumes to go together too. Of course Kipper wanted to do something with a chicken. His suggestion to me was I could go as a farmer...really? Well yesterday it all clicked and I found a way to do both! I am going to do Toddlers and Tiaras with Tricia, but instead of doing a "beauty" dress I am going to do a "wow wear" costume. I am going as a cute farmer and Kipper is going to be my chicken! :)  I found this vintage petticoat for $20 and I can't wait for everyone to see my creation once I am is going to be CUTE!!!!!!

Canton was CRAZY crowded this weekend since this is the first nice Canton weekend we have seen since the Spring. While the crowds made it a little harder to search for those hidden treasures, it was actually a good thing for negotiating. Since the vendors were having such a good weekend, coming off of a summer of bad ones they were willing to wheel and deal!  Like this adorable pink, hard sided suitcase that was marked $20, but the vendor said she would part with it for $15, but I got her down to $12! It was in perfect condition, inside and out, so this was a really super deal! I am always looking for creative, fun storage solutions and this suitcase is going to look adorable in my craft room/puppy room when I am done with it! :)

Even though I wanted to see what kind of hidden treasures I could find, my mind was focused on finding my Beyonce! Which didn't take too long! This lady even had Beyonce on a stick to put in a planter! I liked these, but I really wanted one a little larger and this was the first place we had seen with them and I really didn't want to tote it around all day either! lol The search continued!

The variety of things you see out at Canton always crack me up...but that is what makes it so much fun I think!  We were so busy shopping neither Kipper nor I took many photos but we did snap a few of some of the randomness. :)

Several hours later and right before we left I found it! The perfect Beyonce for our backyard, with a moving head to boot. Originally $50, but marked $40. After seeing the prices at a few locations I knew $40 was good, but I was still able to talk him down to $30! So in the words of The Bloggess, "That was like $20 worth of FREE chicken!" HA!

And of course Kipper was happy because 1) the search for the perfect stupid metal chicken was over and 2) he got to hang out with his little buddy, Lilyana, (aka the original Tutu Baby) all day!

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