Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome To The Looney Bin....

Also known as Allie and Kipper's life! :)  We take turns coming up with and/or doing nutting things. Many of you have heard one of Chris' favorite stories about me and the lawn mower. (I will never live it down...)

In case you haven't heard it let me give you the skinny: Right after we got married I was so excited to finally get to mow the yard since Daddy never let me mom the yard growing up. Chris was at the fire station and I was home mowing the yard when the lawn mower ran out of gas. I proceeded to try and get the lawn mower into my mustang convertible to take it up to the gas station to gas it up.  When that didn't work, I called Chris to bring home the Explorer so I could take the lawn mower up to gas station. He just laughed....and rightfully so in retrospect. 

But this week was Kipper's weeks to be a nut! If his idea for us to raise chickens in our backyard for eggs and meat wasn't enough (it isn't going to happen) this is what I came home to this afternoon:

In order to help keep the house cool in this million degree heat wave we are experiencing Kipp decided to cover our back door windows with foil. Thank goodness none of the neighbors can see our back doors. And if the police show up after a random tip about a drug house we all know why. 

The tonight we were in the backyard watering the peppers and as I was walking back inside I see the real gem to Kipper's little foil project. 

He cut a little "port hole" so we could see into the back yard. I just shook my head. Kipp on the other hand was super proud of his little project. I am counting down the days till the temps start going down so I don't have to remind myself that we aren't a drug house. And the babies are just want to be able to keep a look out on their backyard again.  But with all that said, I love my crazy life and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

(But we are still NOT raising chickens!!!!!!) 

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