Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 2 - Unicorn of the Week and Recap

Week 2 of Fantasy Football has come to a close. I know you have been waiting in the edge of your seats to see who will be the coveted Sports, Go Sports "Unicorn of the Week" for Week 2!  (If you have no idea what I am talking about and think the Allie you know and love has been abducted by aliens...start here.) 

Just like Week 1, this week's Unicorn of the Week was picked off of points only. He wasn't my highest scoring player but he did come in 12 points over projection. That was the largest percent increase from projection (86% increase to be exact!) of any player this week thus landing DeAngelo Williams top honors as Unicorn of the Week!! Williams has been really good for me the last two weeks so I am bummed that Le'Veon Bell is coming back from his two game suspension so his playing time will be limited. :( 

Overall I had a really great week, scoring 113 points and winning my match up by 75 points! It was my first experience with some benched players doing better than my actual team. Everything I read said to keep Colin Kaepernick on the bench so I stayed with Drew Brees. Well Brees only scored 12 points  where Kaepernick brought in 26.  I also gave my friend Lamar Miller another shot since he pulled through for me in Week 1. Of course he got hurt and didn't return to the game, only bringing in 3 points. All the while benched David Johnson racked up 16 points! ahh! 

And because I am a sweet and wonderful wife, I will publicly admit that this one time Kipper was right. I should have played the Texans D/ST. The Rams were projected nearly 5 points higher than the Texans so I went with the Rams. This resulted in a 2 point loss for me... sigh. 

This coming week I am going to do a little more research on my players so that my only strategy isn't who is projected the highest. I want to keep my winning steak going as I face off with AJ this week! But for now, while I am sure this will be short lived,  I'm going to celebrate the fact that I currently have the highest points in our league!! 

Yay Athleticism!! 

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